Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser (Light)

Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser (Light)


Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser (Light)


The Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser (Dark) contains broad spectrum high protection against the sun's damaging and aging rays. This formula reduces the effect of sun damage whilst giving you a light healthy glowing appearance. The non-greasy formulation provides a smooth finish that is silky and easy to apply that can be worn under make-up or alone for a light natural look. 

Benefits of Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser:

  • All day hydration in a non greasy SPF 50+ formula that protects skin from UVA & UVB rays. 
  • Provides a light and silky smooth application with a pleasant fragrance that leaves you with a natural dewy glow, available in three shades for all skin tones.

How to Use:
Smooth a thin layer directly onto freshly cleansed and moisturised skin leaving for a few minutes between each step. Concentrate on any areas with lines and rough texture, then apply your Foundation.

Available in Medium and Dark shades.